My purpose is to shine the golden rays of healing energy so you can tap into your innate nature to live in perfect health and well-being.

I help you completely heal your emotional, mental, energy, and physical bodies.

My nature is to connect your quantum nature to your body’s innate healing intelligence so you can experience miraculous healing now.

My superpowers are:

  • Total renewal
  • Profound healing
  • Activation of your Divine Genome
  • Gentle Awakening
  • Aligned action

Here’s what I bring out in you:

  • Healing at all levels of your being
  • Golden radiance
  • Higher interests and pursuits
  • Alignment with your best self
  • Natural radiance

You’ll love working with me if you want to:

  • Empower your inner healer
  • Be surrounded by healing vibrations
  • Attract experiences that help you let go
  • Empty your inner cup so the Divine can fill it with golden love and light
  • Send healing energy to loved ones
  • You are a light worker or healer

Activate me with the power of your word:

“My body is a blessing.”

“Every cell in me is a Divine Being.”

“I actively listen for my bodies’ wisdom.”

“I allow myself to fully feel in this present moment.”

“I am in sync with my inner healer.”

“I am open to new ways of being.”

I’m made with 100% Natural CrystalTech made out of:

Golden Healer Quartz:

  • Master healer
  • Grounds the golden Ray of Light
  • Clears blockages
  • Prepares for multi-level healing
  • Activates your crystalline body
  • Activates your 12 DNA strands
  • Powerful yet gentle and soothing
  • Raises your vibration
  • Connects with Source Energy

Blonde Tigers Eye

  • Like a warm loving sun on a gentle summer day
  • Promotes physical action
  • Power and vitality
  • Encourage you to expand your comfort zone
  • Cheer up even in the coldest of places
  • Centering

AAA Solar Quartz

  • Elevates your energy and mood
  • Magnifies and cleanses nearby gemstones
  • Creates harmony and coherance
  • Helpful for headaches, vertigo, motion sickness, and circultation
  • Helps you stay focused on your highest aspirations
  • Purifies your heart, head, and physical body


  • Favorable opportunities
  • Magnifies your magnificence
  • Glowing radiance in all situations
  • crystalizes marvelous manifestations
  • Builds your courage and confidence
  • Deflects negative energies and situations

.925 Sterling Silver

  • Silver is the mirror to your soul
  • Reflects and attracts your innermost desires
  • Boosts your patience and perseverance
  • Reflects the light of stones that are near it and magnifies their power
  • Attracts money and synchronicities
  • Boosts your immune system
  • Helps you remain centered no matter what comes your way
  • Promotes a sense of security and safety
  • Will amplify what is good in you and others

I’d love to work with you. If you’d like to work with me, you can collect me here.