Engaging Workshops & Fun Crystal Activities That Connect Your Community & Empower Your People.

“Crystals are used to unlock the superpowers of machines–now it’s time to harness their powerful energy medicine for health and healing.”

Are you are interested in a fun & energizing activity for your community? Then consider hosting a Crystal Community Empowerment Workshop or Activity!

Consider hosting an uplifting community engagement event, or an engaging workshop, that will empower your community through connection and “CrystalTech” to support their goals, productivity, and overall wellbeing!

Check out our offerings in the following pages for some fun ways to bring your community together. And I’m happy to answer any questions you may have, just email or call me to setup a time to chat.

Crystaltech fact

Crystals are used in high technology to bring us the miracles of computing, digital acoustics, sonar, radio and more. And just like how crystals work with our external technology, they also work great with the bio-technology of our body–and many people are excited to learn how!

enlighten your community

Insightful Crystal Workshops

We offer a series of crystal workshops that systematically build your community’s crystal wisdom. We can start with “Crystal Secrets Revealed” to get started and if your people love it we can continue with the series so they can deepen their crystal connection.


Did you know that it’s thanks to crystals that we have the miracles of high technology—and that crystals work even better with our Soultech (our body’s biotechnology)? Come discover why crystals are so powerful—and how to work with them to unlock radical healing, emotional stability, and mental clarity. You’ll learn everything from why crystals are so powerful and how crystals are used in external technology and the two main ways to work with crystals, as well as how to care for your crystals. Plus you’ll learn how to “plug in” to any crystal and harness it’s natural energy to amplify your intention and impact.


Together we’ll explore how and why crystals are so powerful—and how to tap into their power for anxiety relief, to boost your mood, recharge your energy, and to gain mental clarity. Then we’ll do some guided crystal meditations that will help your community feel more focused, creative, calm, and energized. Plus, I’ll bring a bunch of gorgeous crystals for your team—so they can experience the power of crystals firsthand!


Come discover how to tap into the energy medicine of crystals to empower your inner healer. You’ll learn practical ways to work with crystals to speed up the healing process and even to help alleviate things like anxiety, seasonal depression, headaches and more! Together we’ll practice key crystal healing techniques so you feel confident using crystals to supercharge your own healing journey.


Accessories are not superficial. When we wear our crystal jewelry we always have our power tools with us—and we don’t have to worry about losing them! Crystal adornments have been utilized by the most powerful people throughout time. Here you’ll learn how to tap into the power of your crystal jewelry so that you feel the support of the mineral kingdom everywhere you go!

Activate your people

Engaging Crystal Activities

Consider a crystal engagement activity that will give your team a hands-on and fun experience, while building community camaraderie.


Create crystal art together! This is a fun activity where everyone has gorgeous crystals to make a powerful grid. Everyone will learn how to make powerful grids that support their aims and intentions. And people can either turn it into a permanent art piece by mounting it—or they can break it down when we are done and make a different grid each time depending on what kind of support they’d like.


Let’s bring your community together to create stunning crystal jewelry–that looks great on men and women! Each person will get to make a meaningful crystal bracelet that’s designed to support their goals and desires. They’ll have access to high-grade crystals and quality supplies so they can make a bracelet that they’ll cherish forever. Plus, participants will learn how their crystal bracelet can help support their intentions. We’ll even do a crystal meditation at the end with their bracelet so participants can directly tap into and experience the power of their intention with their crystal bracelet.


Every participant will get to choose their favorite crystals to create their own collection of powerful crystals–that they’ll get to keep! They’ll discover the properties of their personal crystals and how they can use them for more emotional stability, mental clarity and creative inspiration. This is a fun way for people to learn and tap into the amazing powers of crystals. Plus, we’ll do a meditation with the crystals, helping your community tap into the power of mindfulness so they feel more centered and energized!

About Crystal Ketterhagen

Founder of and creator of the stunning Dance of Duality Collection, Crystal (yes, that’s her birth name) is passionate about the power of crystals and helping people see the links between how crystals are used in all our favorite gadgets to give us the miracles of high technology—and how we can just as easily use crystals with our Soultech (our inner bio-technology) for healing, emotional stability, mental health & more. She is an engaging and dynamic teacher who has a knack for making crystals easy for people to “get”. So what are you waiting for?! Book your next fun and engaging community experience. One where your community won’t forget and will be talking about with their friends!


Call or email Crystal now to Inquire about a workshop or activity for your community!