Travel Protection Crystal Bracelet


TRAVEL PROTECTOR – Your Guardian In Journeys of Spirit and Earth

Embark on life’s adventures with confidence and serenity, wearing the “Travel Protector” bracelet from the “Dance of Duality” collection. This exquisite piece is not just a bracelet but a talisman, designed to harmonize and protect in every step of your journey. Whether you are delving into the depths of your inner self or exploring the vastness of the world, the “Travel Protector” is your steadfast companion, offering guidance and safety through its carefully chosen crystals.


  • Herkimer Diamond: Centrally positioned, this crystal is a beacon of light, amplifying spiritual energy to aid in meditation and shamanic journeys. Its clarity and brilliance are pivotal in enhancing intuition and connecting with higher planes of consciousness during inward travels.
  • Amethyst: Flanking the Herkimer Diamond, these soothing purple stones offer a shield of spiritual protection. Amethyst is revered for its ability to instill a calm, meditative state and protect against negative energies, making it ideal for introspective journeys and peaceful transitions in life.
  • Labradorite: A stone of mystique, it is interspersed throughout the bracelet. Known for its ability to strengthen intuition and psychic abilities, Labradorite serves as a guardian against the unknown, both in physical travels and spiritual exploration.
  • Pyrite: As the grounding element, Pyrite beads are integrated to complete the design. This metallic stone is synonymous with protection and prosperity. It is especially effective in safeguarding during physical travels, offering resilience and a protective shield against various forms of negativity.


  • Inward Journey Protection: The combination of Herkimer Diamond and Amethyst creates a sanctuary of calm and clarity, essential for deep meditation and spiritual exploration.
  • Outward Journey Safeguard: Labradorite and Pyrite form a protective barrier, ensuring safety and well-being during physical travels and life’s unpredictable paths.


  • Spiritual Seekers: Individuals who embark on meditative and soul-searching journeys will find the bracelet enhances their introspective experiences.
  • Adventurous Souls: Those who love to explore new places, cultures, and experiences will appreciate the added layer of protection and fortune that this bracelet provides.
  • Everyday Warriors: For anyone navigating the daily challenges of life, this bracelet offers a sense of balance and protection against stress and negative energies.

Made with natural 6mm high-quality crystals. Because the Herkimer Diamond is naturally shaped (not carved!), each one is slightly different–yours will be intuitively chosen.

Size Note: Get a perfect fit by measuring your wrist. (If you don’t have a tape measure, use a string and ruler.) Select your wrist size (with no slack added).

For bracelets: get a perfect fit by measuring your wrist. (If you don’t have a tape measure, use a string and ruler.) Select your wrist size (with no slack added).

Learn More About The Crystal Collection

Duality is the yin/yang of life where polar opposites are part of a greater whole. Just like how having two eyes (not just one!) gives us perspective and depth, it is duality that gives us an opportunity to explore a wide range of possible experiences.

We are often raised to believe that there is good and bad—that there are parts of ourselves and others that we can and can’t accept. But this worldview leaves us feeling fractured and in fear of the unknown part of ourselves.

That which is illuminated by light will cast a mysterious shadow. If we are afraid of the unknown, we resist the very things that would benefit from the light of our loving awareness.

When we raise our perspective beyond the idea that parts of ourselves and our experiences are right and wrong, we can see the purpose of pain and the lessons hidden in hardship.

Our neutral awareness then illuminates even the darkest shadows, transforming confusion into clarity and fear into love.

We begin to feel whole again and start alchemizing problems into possibilities so that previous obstacles transform into our greatest opportunities of growth.

When we stop resisting life’s challenges and actively look for the divine purpose in All—the struggle ends and grace begins.

Instead of fighting with reality, we start dancing with duality—which leads us and the world back to wholeness!

Crystals are a top ancient-future tool of the most powerful people for good reason. Shamans, wizards, queens, kings, goddesses, sorcerers, witches, villains, and heroes alike—have long coveted and adorned themselves with gemstones to magnify their power, support their purpose & activate their inner goddess/god.

We too are the masters of our personal universe and do best with crystal allies by our side.

Crystals are used in external technology like LCD screens, computer chips, microphones and more, to transmute and transmit energy across space/time.

In other words, it’s crystals that unlock a machine’s superpowers—which have brought us the many miracles of high technology.

And crystals don’t just work with machines—they work even better with our “soultech” (which is our personal supercomputer system), to help unlock our superpowers of intuition, direct revelation, and so much more!

Crystals infuse us with healing and energizing frequencies that connect us to the crystalline web of life.

Crystals are POWERFUL tools that hold the vibration of our intention steady. We can tap into our crystals high frequencies like we would use a tuning fork that we strike to then sing on key (see the attuning tips on the other side).

Crystals also magnify our energy—giving more power to our prayers, visions, and manifestations!

In short, if you want to up-level your life and supercharge your spiritual practice—work with 100% Natural CrystalTech!

The Dance of Duality Collection is engineered to 100x the energy of each crystal and to harness the power of polarities so that you feel the support of the WHOLE universe.

CrystalTECH made with:

1. Diamond design
The powers of the crystals are magnified by the super-refined vibration of the Herkimer Diamond, which naturally grows faceted points on both ends. Its shape reflects the double pyramid energy of our own energetic body, which grounds starlight & connects us with our Mother Earth. The Diamond strengthens our toroidal field of renewable energy and beams a laser of energy to you—and to others as a blessing.  

2. solar quartz Design
The Solar Quartz crystal is a community of crystals that magnifies, charges, and radiates the energy of the crystals around it. Its power strengthens your entire energetic field like a radiant sun. Solar Quartz brightens the light of other gemstones 100x and fills your aura with the pristine frequencies of the compassionate crystals so you feel deeply supported.

The grounding stone stabilizes and stores extra energy generated by the 100% Natural CrystalTech bracelet. It completes the Dance of Duality design so that the crystal circle is a stable system of natural renewable energy.