In our 3D reality, we grow up in an environment that teaches us duality—that there is good and bad. But this worldview robs us of our power, leaves us feeling fractured, and locks us into a state of fear and resistance.

If we are afraid of our inner shadows, we resist the very parts of ourselves that would benefit from the light of our awareness— which leads us back to wholeness. It is when we can accept all aspects of ourselves and others—and embrace the totality of life—that we can truly begin to transcend the most fundamental limiting belief: that there are parts of the world and ourselves that are not worthy of love and light. When we can see the purpose of pain and the lessons hidden in hardship, we are able to transform problems into possibilities and obstacles into our greatest opportunities so that we can metamorphosize from caterpillar to butterfly.

The ultimate truth is that ALL is one and thus all is source consciousness. From this perspective, we can sense how there is a divine purpose to All—even that which at first glance appears dark.

When we allow ourselves to see everything with loving awareness, we illuminate even the darkest shadows.

When we make the conscious choice to stop fighting with the dark parts of ourselves and society and start seeing the divine purpose in All—we can start dancing with duality, which allows us to enjoy the blessings and beauty of our complex wholeness.

It is when we start opening up to the divinity in All that we are finally able to stop fighting our shadows. Then we can embrace our whole self with loving awareness, we can truly start dancing with duality and enjoying the fullness of the gift of life on earth in all its expansive expressions.