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The Dance Of Duality Collection

Crystals are a top ancient-future tool of the most powerful people for good reason: they magnify our energyactivate their inner goddess/god.

Here’s why these gemstone bracelets are so powerful!

Dance Of Duality Collection

Energy Center Activators

    Wearable Mantras

      We have grown up in an environment that assumes duality—that there is good and bad. But this world view robs us of our power, leaves us feeling fractured, and locks us into a state of fear and resistance.

      If we are afraid of our inner shadows, we resist the very parts of ourselves that would benefit from the light of our awarness— which leads us back to wholeness. When we can accept all aspects of ourselves and others—and embrace the totality of life—we can truly begin to transcend the most fundamental limiting belief: that there are parts of the world and ourselves that are not worthy of love and light.

      When we can see the purpose of pain and the lessons hidden in hardship, we are able to alchemize problems into possibilities and obstacles into our greatest opportunities so that we can transform from caterpillar to butterfly NOW.

      The ultimate truth is that ALL is one and thus all is source consciousness. From this perspective, we can sense how there is a divine purpose to All—even that which at first glance may appear in darkness.

      When we allow ourselves to see EVERYTHING with loving awareness, we raise our perspective to encompass more truth & acceptance. Our neutral awareness can illuminate even the darkest shadows.

      When we make the conscious choice to stop fighting with the dark parts of life and start actively looking for the divine purpose in All—we can start dancing with duality. This allows us to enjoy the blessings and beauty of our complex existence–and all of life’s expansive expressions.

      The time is now to embrace the totality of yourself–and start dancing with duality!

      Crystals are a top ancient-future tool of the most powerful people for good reason. Shamans, wizards, queens, kings, goddesses, occultists and Ancient Egyptians have long adorned themselves with crystals to magnify their power & activate their inner goddess/god.

      We too are the masters of our universes and do best with crystal allies at our side. Because a crystal’s silica-based sacred geometry structure can naturally connect and amplify our own bioelectrical system, making us a powerful duo!


      In short, because they unlock our superpowers.

      In external technology, it’s crystals that allow high tech to transmit information across space/time. That’s why they are a crucial component of technologies like: LCD screens, camera lenses, microphones, microchips, clocks, ultrasound, record players, inkjet printers, microphones and more.

      In the same way, crystals activate our divine aspects in our own personal supercomputer system (our soultech). They help upgrade our operating system and surround us with love and light.

      Crystals can hold the vibration of our intention steady, so we can attune to it to get back into alignment with our highest aims.

      Crystals magnify our energy–giving more power to our prayers, visions, and manifestations!

      Here’s how to get to know your new crystal friends and tap into their unique powers.

      1. CENTER: Quiet your mind and turn your awareness inward by focusing on your breath passing in and out at the bridge of your nostrils (the part that divides your two nostrils).

      2. OPEN YOUR HEART: Then bring your awareness to your heart and cultivate love by focusing on what you are grateful for.

      3. FEEL INTO THE CRYSTALS: Now that you are calm and heart-centered, hold the diamond or solar quartz (see next panel) between your thumb and forefinger. You can also hold it up to your third eye or lie down and place it on your third eye. Then feel into the crystal by focusing your awareness inside the crystal.

      4. TRUST SUBTLE IMPRESSIONS: Open your mind and heart to receive subtle messages from the crystal that may come as sensations, feelings, visions, symbols, images, or a knowing.

      5. GIVE THANKS: Thank the crystals for the blessings and beautiful vibrations.

      6. ADORN WITH INTENTION: Activate and connect with the crystals through out the day as you naturally interact with them. See the Adornment Ritual on the right panel for more.


      1. CONNECT: Align the crystals to your own crystalline grid by holding the diamond or solar quartz in between your pointer and thumb and holding it up to your third eye.

      2. ATTUNE: Get quiet and centered while feeling into your crystals.

      3. PROGRAM: See in your mind’s eye & feel in your heart, moments that are true in your desired reality and then see a stream of light connecting your third eye to the heart of the Diamond or Solar Quartz. See your vision stream into the crystal and be stored.

      4. GIVE THANKS: Thank your bracelet besties for supporting you and being here with you on this marvelous journey!

      1. AFFIRM: When you put on your crystal circle, connect with your intention by restating it to yourself while seeing it as already true in your mind’s eye and heart.

      2. ACCESS: When you want to align to a pure vibration of your desired reality so that you can more easily realign with it and take inspired action toward it, place a finger on the Diamond or Solar Quartz and attune to the crystals to recharge.

      3. ALIGN: Anytime you adjust your crystal circle, reconnect with your intention by recalling your intention in your mind’s eye and heart.

      4. THANK: When you take your bracelet besties off, thank them for their beauty, love and support.

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