My purpose is to bring you cycles of continuous light by activating your inner sun and by reflecting light in the night for your intuition to flow freely.

My nature is to radiate the powers of the Moon and Sun, to activate the Goddess and God in you, and to balance your Yin & Yang polarities.

I activate your personal powers so you can act in alignment with your intuition with ease and grace. Like a full spiral around a day, I radiate the warm vitality of the golden sun and the reflective perspective of a moonlit night.

My superpowers are…

  • Insightful action
  • Savoring the spiral of life
  • Clarity from the cycles of life
  • Empowered Intuition
  • Imaginative Vision
  • Smart Knowing
  • Activated Remembrance
  • Creating and Cacooning

Activate me with the power of your word

  • “I shine and reflect light.”

  • “I am always illuminated.”

  • “I am Whole Divinity.”

  • “I am Divine Feminine and Sacred Masculine.”

I’m 100% natural CrystalTech made with:

AAA Sunstone

  • Creates light
  • Empowers our inner sun centers
  • Gets energy flowing through even the densest aspects of yourself
  • Stimulates the solar plexus
  • Imaginative power

AAA Moonstone

  • Connects you to your Divine Feminine, the moon, and your feminine power
  • Supports your feminine flow (menses, menopause, premenstrual syndrome, fertility)
  • Great tool for moon and divine feminine rituals
  • Deepens self-reflection
  • restores emotional balance
  • aids intuition

.925 Sterling Silver

  • Silver is the mirror to your soul
  • Reflects and attracts your innermost desires
  • Boosts your patience and perseverance
  • Reflects the light of stones that are near it and magnifies their power
  • Attracts money and synchronicities
  • Boosts your immune system
  • Helps you remain centered no matter what comes your way
  • Promotes a sense of security and safety
  • Will amplify what is good in you and others

I’d love to work with you. If you’d like to work with me, you can collect me here.