Here’s 6 steps to get to know your new crystal friends and get a sense for their unique powers.

1. Center

Quiet your mind and turn your awareness inward by focusing on your breath passing in and out at the bridge of your nostrils (the part that divides your two nostrils).

2. Open Your Heart

Then follow your breath down into your heart and cultivate love and gratitude by thinking of things you love and are grateful for.

3. Feel Into The Crystals

Now that you are calm and heart-centered, hold the diamond or solar quartz between your thumb and forefinger. You can also hold it up to your third eye or lie down and place it on your third eye. Feel into the crystal by focusing your awareness into the crystal.

4. Trust Subtle Impressions

Open your mind and heart to receive subtle messages from the crystal that may come as sensations, feelings, visions, symbols, images, or a knowing.

5. Give Thanks

Thank the crystals for working with you and blessing your life.

6. Nurture Your Relationship

Store the crystal where you see it often, place it in your pocket and touch it throughout the day, look into your crystal with wonder like looking deep into the eyes of a loved one, and meditate with your crystal.