My purpose is to unlock your heart’s loving wisdom.
I help you heal your deepest heart wounds with peace so that you can access your heart’s eternal reservoir of unconditional loving presence and insight.
My nature is to see and empathize with your heart’s experiences and to shine pure loving insight on them so they can be released.

My superpowers are…

  • Unlocking your heart so love can flow to and from you freely
  • Calming compassion
  • Loving understanding of your perfectly imperfect self
  • Telepathic connection
  • Mystic insights

Here’s what I bring out in you:

  • Letting go with love and understanding
  • Releasing old emotional traumas
  • Elevated thoughts rooted in kindness
  • Self-Forgiveness
  • Non-judgement
  • Humility so you can get in sync with a greater force

You’ll love working with me if you want to:

  • Heal your heart wounds
  • See with a clearer lens
  • Heal childhood traumas
  • Deepen your meditation
  • Surrender and let go
  • Strengthen your intuition

Activate me with the power of your word:

  • “Look for the love.”
  • “My heart is whole and healed.”
  • “I see my experiences with loving wisdom.”
  • “My heart heals every day in every way.”
  • “Every experience has hidden gifts that help me grow.”

I’m a 100% natural CrystalTech made with:

  • AAA Amethyst
  • Rose Quartz
  • Herkimer Diamond with Anthraxolite
  • Grey Map Jasper
  • .925 Sterling Silver

AAA Amethyst

  • Known as “The Soul Stone” because it initiates deep soul experiences
  • One of the best stones for meditation
  • stills the mind
  • lures mind away from self-absorbed thoughts and towards a more encompassing understanding
  • Bring peace and inner calmness
  • Helps us be humble
  • Opens up our third eye of inner seeing
  • Awakens mystical superpowers

Rose Quartz

  • Unlocks traumas so they can be released and neutralized with compassionate love
  • Empathizes, understands and dissolves suppressed emotions
  • Reprograms the heart
  • Brings joy and contentment
  • Comforts
  • Prepares the heart for higher states of lov

AAA Herkimer Diamond with Anthraxolite

  • Elevates your energy and mood
  • Magnifies and cleanses nearby gemstones
  • Creates harmony and coherance
  • Helpful for headaches, vertigo, motion sickness, and circultation
  • Helps you stay focused on your highest aspirations
  • Purifies your heart, head, and physical body

Grey Map Jasper

  • Powerful protection
  • Increases natural instincts
  • Insightful reflection
  • Helps you go with the flow
  • Elevates your perspective
  • Heals your bones and balances your hormones
  • Taps you into ancient Egyptian wisdom
  • Great for starting new adventures
  • Connects you to your inner compass

.925 Sterling Silver

  • Silver is the mirror to your soul
  • Reflects and attracts your innermost desires
  • Boosts your patience and perseverance
  • Reflects the light of stones that are near it and magnifies their power
  • Attracts money and synchronicities
  • Boosts your immune system
  • Helps you remain centered no matter what comes your way
  • Promotes a sense of security and safety
  • Will amplify what is good in you and others


I’d love to work with you. If you’d like to work with me, you can collect me here.