My purpose is to elevate your perspective and root gracious love into every part of yourself so that you can shine freely from the inside out.
I help you see the beauty in all aspects of yourself and others.
My nature is to renew your body and being so that you become more and more sensitive to the beautiful harmony in all creations and situations.
Amethyst and Moss Agate Bracelet: The Perfect Combination for Healing and Balance

My superpowers are…

  • Graceful growth
  • Inner and outer beauty
  • Eternal youth
  • Renewal and Regeneration
  • Compassionate observations

Here’s what I bring out in you:

  • Exquisite artistic expressions
  • Self love and understanding
  • Non-judgment and compassion
  • Radiance and vitality
  • Connect to Sophia Gaia (Mother Earth)

You’ll love working with me if you want to:

  • Appreciate yourself and others more
  • Feel beautiful from the inside out
  • Increase your sense of self-worth
  • Connect to nature
  • Unleash your creativity

Activate me with the power of your word:

  • “I am beautiful–inside and out!”
  • “Each moment I am reborn anew.”
  • “I see myself as the Divine sees me: with loving compassion.”
  • “My creations are rooted in love and light.”
Moss agate bracelet

Amethyst and Moss Agate Bracelet: The Perfect Combination for Healing and Balance

I’m a 100% natural CrystalTech made with:

Amethyst Cacoxenite

  • Known as “the stone of ascension”
  • Refreshing rejuvenation
  • See the beauty in all creations
  • Connect your willpower with your Divine will
  • Deepens meditation and supports dreamwork
  • Shows the significance of situations
  • Heightens spiritual awareness
  • Creates a peaceful space inside yourself so you always feel safe
  • Expodites planetary awakening

Moss Agate

  • Grows your capacity for compassion
  • regeneration and renewal
  • Roots higher love into every part of yourself
  • Harmonizes masculine and feminine energies
  • Attracts abundance
  • Birthing new beginnings
  • Stable expansion into your best self
  • Perseverance and tenacity

Herkimer Diamond with Anthraxolite

  • Elevates your energy and mood
  • Magnifies and cleanses nearby gemstones
  • Creates harmony and coherance
  • Helpful for headaches, vertigo, motion sickness, and circultation
  • Helps you stay focused on your highest aspirations
  • Purifies your heart, head, and physical body

Rutilated Quartz with Black Tourmaline

  • A masterful healer
  • Revitalize even the most despareta
  • Like a rope to grab onto that pulls you out of the deepest emotional hole
  • Illuminates the darkest situations and feelings
  • Helps you let go of what is no longer serving you
  • Focuses your awareness inward so you can synchronize all aspects of yourself with your innate wellbeing
  • Helps overcome addictions and accept responsibility for your life
  • Dissolves negative energy

.925 Sterling Silver

  • Silver is the mirror to your soul
  • Reflects and attracts your innermost desires
  • Boosts your patience and perseverance
  • Reflects the light of stones that are near it and magnifies their power
  • Attracts money and synchronicities
  • Boosts your immune system
  • Helps you remain centered no matter what comes your way
  • Promotes a sense of security and safety
  • Will amplify what is good in you and others

I’d love to work with you. If you’d like to work with me, you can collect me here.